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Theta Chapter - University of Cincinnati

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Welcome to ΠΚΦ!

The University of Cincinnati's chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, theta chapter, was founded in 1913. Some years later, members of the chapter were called to war and to serve their country. Unfortunately the members did not return and the chapter was put into a dormant state. Theta chapter was rechartered on campus November 11, 2011 and ever since have immersed ourselves back into UC and the surrounding community. Theta chapter hosts many events throughout the year including Pi Kappa Phries, Bike-a-thon, Humans vs Zombies, and more. If you would like to see upcoming things happening with theta chapter please refer to our calendar. Pi Kappa Phi has created and operates their own philanthropy, The Ability Experience. Theta chapter proudly supports this philanthropy and the purpose it serves. As theta chapter we strive to help out in every way we can including spreading awareness, volunteering, and fundraising. 


Welcome Back, Bearcats!

Published: 8/22/21

Welcome Home! We are ecstatic to see everyone back on campus with plenty of new faces around! After a year and a half, we have been looking forward to the moment in which we could all be together again. Whether that be in class, studying, performing, practicing, eating, or meeting - we cannot wait to endure life as it once was before the pandemic. 

As welcome week is underway, we extend our best of luck to all students in and outside of the classroom.


Published: 2/12/21

Spring Rush is quickly approaching at the University of Cincinnati! We are excited to welcome all Bearcats back to campus with the hope of a safe and healthy transition back to the second semester of the school year. Given the current pandemic conditions, we plan on operating a normal recruitment season with some minor changes to our in-person functions. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our social media and website. If you haven't already, check this out. 

As Spring Rush approaches, we welcome all Bearcats to come by our house throughout rush week! We will be hosting the following events beginning on February 12th:

Saturday, Feb. 13th | 3PM - Paintball

Monday, Feb. 15th | 6PM - COD Tournament

Tuesday, Feb. 16th | 6PM - Smash Bros Night

Wednesday, Feb. 17th | 6PM - Axe Throwing

Thursday, Feb. 18th | 6PM - Poker Night

Friday, Feb. 19th | 6PM - Movie Night



Published: 11/6/20

Today, we are excited to announce a month long campaign of “Beardsgiving” throughout the month of November. Our brothers, lead by Stephen Daviduk, will be proudly showing off their beards in style over the course of the next four weeks. Partnered with our own philanthropy, the Ability Experience chapters across the nation will competing with one another to raise awareness and funding for their own local organizations that support those with disabilities. Please see this link to find out more or how to donate!


Our Commitment

We See You. We Hear You.                  We Support You.

Published: 6/10/20

Our chapter is disheartened to see the recent events surrounding George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other innocent lives taken due to the excessive force by police officers across the nation. While many of us lay in unrest, we must act and stand with our black brothers and friends in solidarity. As mentioned in our beloved creed, "we must shoulder our full responsibility as citizens" and we will do as such by speaking out and demanding change as it starts with ALL of us. 

See the link below for our full statement from our national office: