Our Events

We are currently seeking additional partnerships with the local community. If your organization is currently seeking volunteers with renown service experience, please contact us. Scroll below to see the events we host every semester at the University of Cincinnati.

Pi Kappa Phries

Pi Kappa Phries is an event held at least once every semester to fundraise for The Ability Experience. The event is held on a Tuesday after most chapter meetings. Pi Kappa Phries, as it sounds, are french fries that can be plain with ketchup or mustard or overloaded french fries. Overloaded includes the addition of cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. We've received wondrous appreciation for our fantastic fries. Mark it on your calendar and be sure to stop by.

Ability Experience Awareness Week

Ability Experience Awareness week is a week of events held to promote and spread awareness for the ability experience. There a couple different events on and off campus. These events include: