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Unleash Your Potential

Being a Pi Kappa Phi means aiming higher and dreaming bigger. When you become a Pi Kappa Phi, you’ll be a part of a brotherhood that strives to learn more, become more, and contribute more. Beyond irreplaceable friendships, you’ll have access to a resourced network of over 130,000 brothers within 231 chapters ready to support you through everything.

Taking part in a journey much bigger than yourself has shaped the lives of many within and outside of the fraternity. Personally, you will find yourself developing remarkable leadership skills following academic success and personal development. Providing new and veteran members with ongoing fraternity education is important in developing a meaningful brotherhood and also prepares members to shoulder their full responsibility as not just brothers, but global citizens. It’s important that we provide our Pi Kappa Phi members with opportunities for personal development in their individual lives, as well as in their brotherhood. This makes for honest and fulfilled brothers who value service at every turn. Since our inception in 1904, our founders charted a clear path as scholars and proclaimed the importance of enhancing intellect through word and deed. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity is committed to providing our undergraduate members with the tools and resources they need to excel in and out of the classroom.

Our Core Values

We strive to live each day by our founding principles and consistently work towards the betterment of Pi Kappa Phi, ourselves and the world. Our public core values were created to help guide the decisions we make.

Common Loyalty

A commitment to Pi Kappa Phi that transcends any personal selfishness.

Personal Responsibility

The expectation that you live both your personal values, as well as those espoused in the Fraternity’s Ritual of Initiation.


The expectation that you find your passion and excel.


The duty to uphold and abide by the Fraternity’s standards of conduct and to use Ultimate Respect when confronting brothers who fail in their obligations to Pi Kappa Phi.

Campus Involvement

The obligation to become engaged in the college or university community.

Responsible Citizenship

The duty to lead and the privilege to serve others in order to better the world around you.

Lifelong Commitment

The obligation to remain involved in Pi Kappa Phi after graduation and to work perpetually to build the ideal fraternity.

Notable Benefits of Greek Like

• Higher academic standards, self-development, community building and irreplaceable friendships—these are just some of the benefits of Greek Life.

• Greek life offers smaller communities based on shared values amidst a sea of new faces. It helps you build bonds with loyal friends you can rely on.

• And yes, it’s true. Greek life is a whole lot of fun. But going Greek is a process and a commitment. You learn time management and discipline, expand your cultural circle and have unlimited chances to explore areas of interest:

--> Leadership roles

--> Financial management

--> Fundraising

--> Event planning

--> Organizational management

There are many more. But no matter what, you’ll learn how to be an effective leader, how to work better as a team, and why it really is greater to give than to receive.

As a whole, graduating from Greek life will make you a better student, brother, son and employee. On a resume, Greek life shows that you’re a committed person with a strong moral compass.

We all face choices everyday. And the choices we make can affect the rest of our lives. What will you choose?

If you'd like to learn more about us and what we stand for.. please see our Fall Rush 2020 page.