We understand that there are a ton of variables to consider before rushing a fraternity. We want to provide you with the best glimpse inside our community before you make any decisions. Whether you're seeking to rush Pi Kappa Phi, or another fraternity on campus, you may be able to find some of the questions and answers below helpful. Additionally, many parents have found the information below extremely useful in understanding Greek Life.

How big are we?

Our Chapter currently consists of roughly 50 active members on campus. 

What is Pi Kappa Phi known for?

Pi Kappa Phi was founded by exceptional men who chose to lead. For more than a century, we have stayed true to our roots, developing the next generation of servant leaders who put service before self and work to improve the world around them. As the only fraternity to found and operate its own philanthropy, we take pride in putting service and leadership first nationwide. 

What service does Pi Kappa Phi do?

Pi Kappa Phi is most known for its renowned philanthropy, the Ability Experience. Many fraternities partner with large organizations to take part in service-oriented events while we completely own and manage our own. We have hundreds of big and local partnerships with every chapter across the country. 

What kind of fraternity are you?

Nationally, we are technically referred to as a “social” fraternity similar to most of the other organizations you will find on campus. On UC’s campus, you will find that there are two types of fraternal organizations: social and business. As the two differ in many ways, you have the ability to be a member in both.

How much does it cost?

Fraternities charge membership dues in order to provide the funds to run well-rounded programs that will add to a student’s college experience, just like most professional clubs. Active member dues as of 2018-2019 were around $500 a semester.

Does Pi Kappa Phi haze?

There is one word to answer this question and that is NO. Pi Kappa Phi was founded to be a “Nu Phi” Fraternity, which means “non-fraternity”. The founders elected to do this to remove themselves from the negative stereotypes that came with being in a fraternity. Regardless of what you have seen elsewhere, this chapter has a zero-tolerance policy for any acts that even slightly involve hazing. Notably, we are one of the only fraternities on campus with a spotless record with the University of Cincinnati and their IFC.