By donating to our local chapter, you can help us fund housing improvements, educational scholarships, intramurals, ABEX resources, and our most vital events such as Rush and Initiation Weeks.

By giving to our national organization, you will assist in funding the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation which nationally awards educational grants, scholarships, and funds the Pi Kapp and International Scholars programs. 

One Man. Many Efforts.

As our fraternity prides ourselves on philanthropic work and giving back to the community, the work doesn't stop there. As a Nonprofit organization, we fund the Ability Experience and our own business completely through charitable donations. Below, you will find donation portals for both the local and national organization levels. We realize that it's hard to run campaigns and fund the things that we need to run as an organization. In response to that, we have created this page to break the barrier between our active roster and the external community.

Make a difference across the board.

Whether you are Pi Kappa Phi alumni or an avid supporter of The Ability Experience, there are opportunities to make a difference in various facets. Your gifts have the potential to empower 10,000 collegiate members to have a meaningful, memorable and lifelong Pi Kappa Phi experience. While funding a nonprofit, every dollar will make a mark on someone's academic and professional journey.

Philanthropy First.

Most notably, the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is the only fraternity nationwide to have founded and operate its own philanthropy on their own. The Ability Experience is the philanthropic initiative of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity that remains, to this day, an unparalleled success in the Greek world. Founded in 1977, we strive to instill a passion for lifelong service in our fraternity members while helping to empower people living with disabilities. The Ability Experience, a completely nonprofit organization and remains the exclusive philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi with the purpose of instilling lifelong service in our fraternity members and serving people with disabilities. The Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi (University of Cincinnati) has a founding tradition to have a least one brother a year volunteer spend his summer to spread awareness for disabilities across the country. 

Every year, we host our own local events in house to support the cause of the Ability Experience. Our most famous event, Pi Kappa PHRIES are one hundred percent funded through our local chapter as we raise funding for the national foundation. 

PHRIES is our community-wide event that brings in support from fraternities and sororities across campus and brings awareness to ABEX. For the last three events, we have broken a fundraising record every time with a new high of over five hundred dollars. As COVID regulations slowly allow us to come back to normal life we cannot wait to host PHRIES again in the fall semester.

Lifelong Servanthood.

Together we’re helping to change the way society views people with disabilities and fraternities. Because labels should not define us. We prefer to put our values into action, bringing our mission for a more inclusive community to life every single day. True leaders empower others — and learn through experience. As the only national fraternity to establish and maintain its own non-profit organization, we pride ourselves in taking the lead when we see a need and have set the fraternal standard for hands-on, service-based leadership training. Through The Ability Experience you are taught how to be an effective leader and work better as a team. And you learn that it really is far greater to give than receive.