Local Chapter

Alumni Wish List

We've made it easy for us to address our local campaigns into one simple page. As we gear towards more involvement between out active and alumni bodies, we wanted to create this page to provide a quick and easy way to give back. Over the years, we have heard plenty of alumni ask how they can help, donate, or simply improve the chapter in Clifton Heights. So we have answered your wishes with an all-in-one place to see the projects we're working on and how you can potentially help -- directly to the local chapter.

Multi-Function Event Tent

Our new house, located at 2723 Stratford Avenue, does not have an indoor recreation area. Unlike Joselin, we cannot house dinners or social events inside. To solve this issue, we would like to purchase an event tent that we can easily set up to accommodate events that are outside and potentially in poor weather conditions. This tent will provide guests with adequate roofing for our Bid Dinners, socials, tailgates, and ABEX events.

Housing Improvements

The general upkeep of the house is usually accommodated by the chapter and in-house brothers. Donating for this cause can help us make minor improvements to create a more friendly and clean environment for our guests and PNM's.

Rush Week Events

Every year, we budget out a certain amount for Rush Week. As it is arguably the most important week of our semester, it can be costly. The rentals, third-party services, and food can easily run a larger tab amongst most things. Whether it be chipotle for an in-house event or supplies for bid dinner - every dollar helps us provide our PNM's with an even better experience!

Ways To Give


As the simplest and most popular virtual exchange platform continues to grow, we now accept Venmo donations. So our treasurer can accurately track and record nonprofit donations, please label the cause for donation in the comment section of the transaction.

Venmo Username: @thetapkp



We gladly accept checks mailed to our house address at:

2723 Stratford Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220